You'd Prefer An Argonaute

I’m a graduate student; You’re a post-doc, mmkay?

Posted in Graduate School Fantasy by YPAA on August 8, 2009

This has nothing to do with age. Whether you’re a juvenescent go-getter, or an old, graying curmudgeon, you outrank me. In this profession, the lines aren’t blurred between graduate student and postdoc, and life near the bottom of the food chain can be arduous.

I’m a graduate student: experiencing the first signs of senescence, and poor to boot.

My life is pretty busy. I’m doing science, but I also have the added burden of growing up at the same time, because I didn’t have enough time for this in college because I was too busy hitting the books. Maybe when I become a postdoc I will be mature.

You’re a fleeting example of maturity–I can tell it happened to you at one time, but you still impose on your colleagues for their babysitting and psychiatric services regularly. Whether you’re awesome or pathetic, you’re admired.

One day hopefully I will get the respect you get. I know you worked hard for it. Anyone with a Ph.D. deserves respect, right?

-Sardonic Stu

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