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Hey essay—what’s up wit your ceRNA?

Posted in YPAA Journal Club by YPAA on August 1, 2011

My feelings for this “Leading Edge Essay” have simmered for a few days now, and I still think it’s the worst piece of work I’ve encountered in the field of regulatory RNAs during my four years of training.

First of all, Cell, why did you publish this?

To the authors: why did you invent a generic new class of biomolecule, the ceRNA, with essentially only the weak support from a research paper of your own? My colleagues and I thought that paper had noticeably significant flaws.

To the community: you may consider the ceRNA idea—as abstract as it is—an intriguing one, but here it is expressed so poorly, with such insistent language, and peppered with simplistic statements, that it sounds completely ridiculous.


A ceRNA Hypothesis: The Rosetta Stone of a Hidden RNA Language?

Leonardo Salmena, Laura Poliseno, Yvonne Tay, Lev Kats, and Pier Paolo Pandolfi

Cell (2011)


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