You'd Prefer An Argonaute

About this blog

In this RNA/science blog, I post commentary from myself and others on new papers, talks, and conference proceedings dealing in the realm of RNA biology. Other posts highlight in more general or humorous ways what transpires in the science community that surrounds me.

Attendance to a weekly RNA journal club at MIT by me and my colleagues, and our discussions therein, provide the foundation for this forum. Each week I post the paper selected for journal club, and occasionally also commentary written by the presenter. (Note: our rules dictate that no papers with direct MIT author affiliations can be presented.)

I hope this blog encourages an exchange of ideas and opinions about new papers in RNA, transcending traditional methods for such discourse like formal responses in peer-reviewed journals, and face to face conversations, when those aren’t options. Talks and meetings remain excellent forums to discuss results, perhaps a blog like this one can extend our ability to debate, keyboard-to-keyboard.

The name of this blog, “You’d Prefer An Argonaute”, pays homage to the album You’d Prefer An Astronaut by the band Hum.


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  1. […] aims, some of which bear some semblance to aims I put forth at the inception of YPAA, as here. Their second post covers a “HOT paper”, with a summary and analysis. Hmm… What a […]

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