You'd Prefer An Argonaute


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OKAY, OKAY.  But where can we get some ObamaESCs?  At least something to reprogram?  We gotta clone that mofo.


A.G. 351–400

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A.G. 1−50

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Space Bench

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More than a year ago a pair of Peregrine Falcons made their new home on the roof of our institute. They endeared us with their swooping through the air, their calling and playing, and their leaving various rodent body parts on outside windowsills. So cute!

This spring some furry chicks emerged, and now one can watch the whole family on a live webcam, FalconCAST. It’s a way to kill that time during your 4 degree spin. See the chicks roost, feed, and projectile poop.

Update 6/15/11

Man, they grew up fast. The following message was posted on our internal site this morning:

The falcons that hatched on Whitehead’s 7th floor have fledged and left their nest. Two of the falcons flew off earlier last week, and the last one departed on Saturday, June 11th. The parents will continue to feed the fledglings as the young learn the finer points of flying and mid-air hunting. Because the nest is no longer occupied, the FalconCast has been turned off.

Update 2012

The falcons and FalconCast are back online with hi-res camera.

A.G. 51-100

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Fairly accurate reflection on what science on TV has come to these days. A couple of years ago I heard a talk by Paula Apsell, the senior executive producer of NOVA, in the MIT Physics Colloquium series, and she was basically pleading the case that dumbing down (she didn’t use this term) NOVA-type programming was necessary to reach as wide an audience as possible–because science is under attack from tens of millions of policy makers and idiots in America, so we must fight them with entertainment!

Really??  Would we do the same thing to children in our schools?

When I watched science programming on TV as a kid, shows like NOVA, I didn’t understand everything. That’s why I became a scientist.





A.G. 101-150

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A.G. 151-200

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A.G. 201-250

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A.G. 251-300

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Is it a blog if I just re-post Abstruse Goose comics all the time?

Cuz that’s all I feel like doing now.


I know some people that could really fit in one of these too, you know, 6.7 days a week.

Abstruse Goose! Abstruse Goose!

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Evidently I need to stay in more, because I only just found out about this incredible comic today. It’s very funny.

My favorites thus far (301-350):

Evidence of non-boring scientists

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One of the most clever lab homepages I’ve seen:

Kim Lab, Department of Biology, MIT

Things like this instantly raise the coolness factor of a lab.

Bonus: they do schweet research.


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In case you’ve been living in a cave the last few months and missed them, two of the best lab humor videos to come out in a while:


The costumes of Lady Science are brilliant (love the bench diapers).



Most Beautiful Girl in the Lab
Most Beautiful Girl in the Lab

Funnily adapted from this Flight of the Conchords, this video’s got sweet moves.