You'd Prefer An Argonaute

A.G. 51-100

Posted in Abstruse Goose, Lab Life by YPAA on May 15, 2011



Fairly accurate reflection on what science on TV has come to these days. A couple of years ago I heard a talk by Paula Apsell, the senior executive producer of NOVA, in the MIT Physics Colloquium series, and she was basically pleading the case that dumbing down (she didn’t use this term) NOVA-type programming was necessary to reach as wide an audience as possible–because science is under attack from tens of millions of policy makers and idiots in America, so we must fight them with entertainment!

Really??  Would we do the same thing to children in our schools?

When I watched science programming on TV as a kid, shows like NOVA, I didn’t understand everything. That’s why I became a scientist.






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