You'd Prefer An Argonaute

It’s my Ph.D. and I’ll get drunk if I want to, get drunk if I want to, get drunk if I want to…

Posted in Graduate School Fantasy by YPAA on August 30, 2009

Beer hour 4pm–we’re going to that. Gettin’ trashed there, because I earned it because I ran a western and did cell culture and did 20 minipreps and wrote that postdoc for a plasmid and read that new paper by–you know that paper we talked shit about yesterday? Fuck I need a beer now. Yeah! I did all that t’day!

Hey did you text Stu? He said he was gonna come out last saturday but that bitch didn’t come out. That’s it I’m getting shitfaced today. And then we’re going to the bar afterward and then going to eat huge burritos and hopefully not barf right after. Jeez, gradschool is really long huh? Ok it’s 4 we go talk to the new students and get shitfaced.

-Inglorious Ingrid

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