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CNN=science journalism pretty not good

Posted in Media, Science Journalism by YPAA on October 15, 2009

In my daily (hourly), incredibly narcissistic practice of reading my own blog (the one you’re reading right now), I traveled back to my October 7th post about how Harry Noller got screwed by being overlooked for the Nobel Prize for work on the ribosome. Below the post, under WordPress’s automatically generated “possibly related posts,” was a link to a CNN article with an amusing, although I suppose technically accurate title:

“Chemistry Nobel honors research on life-giving ribosome”

Life-giving” ribosome? Ha. Yes. I remember that’s exactly how Harry Noller introduced it to us in Biochem 100A back in college. So next time you say grace/thanks, thank the ribosome for giving you life. Ok?

Following the title is an underwhelming article. At least there’s a nice picture of Tom Steitz sportin’ his trademark frosty chinstrap beard. I’m not making fun–if  I could pull that off, I would try. And now with a Nobel in his pocket (around his neck perhaps), that look is certified OG.


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