You'd Prefer An Argonaute


Posted in Blog Affairs, Gallimaufry by YPAA on December 6, 2009

The first snow of the season fell here in the Cambridge/Boston area last night, a fairly light one actually. To give a sense of what it is like, this blog should currently be snowing, right there on the screen, as you read these words, courtesy of WordPress. Is it cool? Lame? Annoying? I turned off the snow. Enough is enough.

Invoking elementary physics/chemistry, snow is associated with cold, low temps. Do you live in a place like Los Angeles, or say, Singapore? Then take your laptop over to a nearby cold room, lower it a few more degrees, go inside, fire up this here blog, and watch the beautiful snow fall. For added effect you can: 1) periodically stand in front of the fans blowing cold air, 2) fill an ice bucket with ice and then dump the ice all over the floor of the cold room and pace back and forth on top of the ice. Don’t fall, it hurts. I love New England winters. 🙂


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