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RNAi Related Meetings of Note in 2010

Posted in Conferences, RNA Conferences by YPAA on January 1, 2010

So many good meetings, so little $$$.

This is not an exhaustive list, but these are all solid meetings. They’re all largely academic–fewer industry scroungers. (Just kidding industry folk, you’re probably heavily funding all these meetings! We love/need you.)

RNA Silencing: Mechanism, Biology and Application (Keystone Symposia)

Keystone Resort • Keystone, Colorado, USA
January 14 – 19, 2010

Scientific Organizers: Phillip D. Zamore and Beverly L. Davidson

RNA Silencing Mechanisms in Plants (Keystone Symposia)

Hilton Santa Fe/Historic Plaza • Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
February 21 – 26, 2010

Scientific Organizers: Marjori Ann Matzke and James C. Carrington

The Complex Life of mRNA: From Synthesis to Decay

EMBL Heidelberg, Germany
Thursday 18 March – Saturday 20 March 2010

Scientific Organisers: Utz Fischer, Matthias Hentze, Elmar Wahle

5th Microsymposium on Small RNAs

IMBA, Vienna, Austria
May 17-19, 2010

Scientific Organizers: Javier Martinez and Julius Brennecke

RNA 2010

Seattle, WA, USA
June 22-27, 2010

Scientific Organizers: Tim Nilsen, Doug Black, Julie Feigon and Elisa Izaurralde

Post-Transcriptional Gene Regulation, The Biology Of (Gordon Research Conferences)

Salve Regina University, Newport, RI, USA
July 18-23, 2010

Scientific Organizers: Lynne E. Maquat and Manuel Ares

The Non-Coding Genome

EMBL Advanced Training Centre, Heidelberg, Germany
Wednesday 13 October – Saturday 16 October 2010

Scientific Organisers: David Bartel, Thomas Gingeras, Elisa Izaurralde, Gerhart Wagner


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