You'd Prefer An Argonaute

You’d Prefer a… Cadillac?

Posted in Blog Affairs by YPAA on February 5, 2010

Try this:

  1. Hop to Google to do an image search and enter “cadillac” as the search term. Yes, as in the the General Motors owned, automobile brand, Cadillac.
  2. Scan the first (or second) page of results and look for the picture of the old pink Cadillac convertible with a grey background.
  3. WTF?

The image is from a post where I compared Venki Ramakrishnan to a Cadillac. Strangely this operation has been contributing many recent blog views, inflating YPAA’s stats, which I find a bit annoying. In general, the search terms that people enter to arrive at YPAA are pretty spot on, in terms of who I target, but apparently sometimes Google redirects the gearheads and classic car lovers to get their learn on, YPAA style.



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  1. […] come in droves for Cadillac pictures (see above–isn’t she a beaut?), as I noted in an earlier post, and some for Fabio pictures (not to mention Eva Longoria […]

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