You'd Prefer An Argonaute

Happy Birthday!

Posted in Blog Affairs by YPAA on March 15, 2010

Today You’d Prefer An Argonaute turns one year old! If you ask me, it’s still as cute as the day it was born. And it’s had an exciting year, with now 93 posts, close to a couple dozen comments, and more than ten-thousand and eight-hundred views.

I’m having a blast rearing YPAA, and a massive chunk of credit must go to these other outstanding nurturers (in chronological order): Anna Drinnenberg (twice), Joel Neilson, David Weinberg (twice), Anonymous 1, Michael Nodine (twice), Robin Friedman (twice), Noah Spies, Graeme Doran, Anonymous 2, Anonymous 3, Vikram Agarwal, Jenny Rood, Igor Ulitsky, and Mohini Jangi. (Thanks also to Margaret for running the MIT RNA Journal Club, YPAA’s baby food.) They’ve help raise this blog to be what I’d dreamt of a year ago–a community effort to highlight and analyze new work in RNA biology. It would be pretty Dubya-ish of me to go ahead and declare “Mission Accomplished,” so I’ll make sure YPAA keeps growing for a while.

If there’s anything you’d like to see on YPAA, or you have suggestions for improvements, just fire through a comment below. If you’re interested in contributing, I’m interested in you contributing (see “How to contribute to YPAA” page in column to the right).

Now back to the birthday celebration–turns out YPAA shares its birthday with other notable folk: an American president, and a couple sex bombs. Fate, I suppose.


Andrew Jackson


Eva Longoria

You'd Prefer An Argonaute

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