You'd Prefer An Argonaute

Broad-ening our understanding of p53 via lincRNA

Posted in Broad, Media, YPAA Journal Club by YPAA on August 6, 2010

In the first real post on You’d Prefer An Argonaute, I poked great fun at the Broad Institute. It’s not so rare that my colleagues and I do this because well, from its inception the Broad, where King Lander reigns, has lavishly branded itself as a future of biological science, where too often hypothesis-less, behemoth experiments that involve lots of sequencing and money and relatively few papers, rule. So, it’s lovely to see work like this from John Rinn’s lab, which got its start in the Broad, killing it!

Channeling LeVar Burton of Reading Rainbow, Rinn, and lead author Maite Huarte, educate us in this video posted to the Cell website. The Broad applied their characteristic sheen in its production, practically revolutionizing these types of videos. (Check out 4:20 near the end–there’s an awesome “Evening News”-style sound effect discharged as the paper’s titile/authors/affiliations are displayed–it’s ringtone worthy.) But in all seriousness, expect much more lincRNA goodness from the Rinn lab in the near future.


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