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YPAA Contest #2

Posted in Blog Affairs by YPAA on April 1, 2011

We had our first contest back in November in which an awesome Puffer Hubbard t-shirt was awarded. Let’s roll out Contest #2!

Here are the rules: Answer the three questions below in a comment, and the first two people to correctly answer all three win! It’s that simple.

Question 1

Define “microRNA” correctly in four words or less. No sentence fragments.

Question 2

For every RNase known, list organism from which was first isolated, and briefly describe activity and specificity.

Question 3

Which would win in a three-way fight, ribosome or spliceosome or RNase P? Substantiate your answer carefully and concisely.

Grand Prize: Travel to (no hotel) and one entry to the Creation Museum (Prepare to Believe!) in Petersburg, KY.

Petersburg, KY

First Prize: One unused tube of NEB Buffer 2.

Unused tube of NEB Buffer 2



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