You'd Prefer An Argonaute

RNA Journal Club 4/28/11

Posted in RNA Journal Club by YPAA on April 28, 2011

Mutations in the RNA Granule Component TDRD7 Cause Cataract and Glaucoma

Salil A. Lachke, Fowzan S. Alkuraya, Stephen C. Kneeland, Takbum Ohn, Anton Aboukhalil, Gareth R. Howell, Irfan Saadi, Resy Cavallesco, Yingzi Yue, Anne C-H. Tsai, K. Saidas Nair, Mihai I. Cosma, Richard S. Smith, Emily Hodges, Suad M. AlFadhli, Amal Al-Hajeri, Hanan E. Shamseldin, AbdulMutalib Behbehani, Gregory J. Hannon, Martha L. Bulyk, Arlene V. Drack, Paul J. Anderson, Simon W. M. John, Richard L. Maas

Science Vol. 331 no. 6024 pp. 1571-1576, 25 March 2011.
DOI: 10.1126/science.1195970


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