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RNA Journal Club Classic

Posted in RNA Journal Club by YPAA on June 11, 2011

Cleaning out my drawer yesterday, I dug up the papers I presented in RNA Journal Club prior to the birth of YPAA. So for posterity’s sake:

Host Immune System Gene Targeting by a Viral miRNA

Noam Stern-Ginossar, Naama Elefant, Albert Zimmermann, Dana G. Wolf, Nivin Saleh, Moshe Biton, Elad Horwitz, Zafnat Prokocimer, Mark Prichard, Gabriele Hahn, Debra Goldman-Wohl, Caryn Greenfield, Simcha Yagel, Hartmut Hengel, Yael Altuvia, Hanah Margalit, Ofer Mandelboim

Science Vol. 317 no. 5836, pp. 376-381, 20 July 2007.
DOI: 10.1126/science.1140956

They named their algorithm “Reptar”, in obvious reference to the Rugrats character.


Transcription Factors Bind Thousands of Active and Inactive Regions in the Drosophila Blastoderm

Xiao-yong Li, Stewart MacArthur, Richard Bourgon, David Nix, Daniel A. Pollard, Venky N. Iyer, Aaron Hechmer, Lisa Simirenko, Mark Stapleton, Cris L. Luengo Hendriks, Hou Cheng Chu, Nobuo Ogawa, William Inwood, Victor Sementchenko, Amy Beaton, Richard Weiszmann, Susan E. Celniker, David W. Knowles, Tom Gingeras, Terence P. Speed, Michael B. Eisen, Mark D. Biggin

PLoS Biology | Volume 6 | Issue 2 | e27 | February 2008.

Oh man, I don’t know what I was thinking in doing this paper. In trying to escape the endless Nature/Science/Cell journal club rut, I landed in this fine PLoS paper–this fine 24-page, 15 main-text figure (+12 Sup Fig), ~12,000-word PLoS paper.


A discontinuous hammerhead ribozyme embedded in a mammalian messenger RNA

Monika Martick, Lucas H. Horan, Harry F. Noller & William G. Scott

Nature 454, 899-902, 14 August 2008.

Ribozymes will always be the coolest RNAs out there, ‘specially hammerheads up in ur 3’UTRses!!


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