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Revenge of the N.E.R.D.(s)

Posted in Conferences, Talks by YPAA on January 16, 2010

Mm-hai. Mm-hai. Approximately once a month, as they’ve done since 2007, RNA scientists in the area assemble for the New England RNA Data Club, or NERD Club, mm-hey. The next meeting will be taking place this Thursday, January 21st, 2010, mm-hoi.

It’s a excellent place for New England scientists to hear about new RNA research taking place, with the transCRIPtion, and the transLAtion, and the spLY-cing, and the RNA-in-ter-FEAR-ANce! Ng-hey. There are three 20 minute research presentations, plus 5 minutes for questions, mm-hey. And all the brilliant scientists from the MITs, and the Harvards, and the UMass Worcesters, and the Boston Universities, and the Brandeis and the Dartmouth and the Tufts and the Yale… whew-mm-hey, so many institutes of higher edu-CAY-tion. Ng-hey.

And to promote the thrill of social in-ter-actions–and possibly romantic conquest, as I so impressively demonstrate above, p-herven-whea–they have the drinking of the alcohol, and eating, and the con-VURR-SIng.

Sooo, if you’re in the area, I encourage you to attend! For the betterment of science. Mm-hey.

Now enjoy some audio clips from the ALL-time greatest nerd: yours truly, Professor Frink. Mm-hoi-ven.:

Frink audio 1

Frink audio 2

Frink audio 3

Frink audio 4

Frink audio 5

Frink audio 6

Frink audio 7

Frink audio 8

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