You'd Prefer An Argonaute

RNA Journal Club 6/11/09

Posted in RNA Journal Club by YPAA on June 11, 2009

Collapse of Germline piRNAs in the Absence of Argonaute3 Reveals Somatic piRNAs in Flies

Chengjian Li, Vasily V. Vagin, Soohyun Lee, Jia Xu, Shengmei Ma, Hualin Xi, Hervé Seitz, Michael D. Horwich, Monika Syrzycka, Barry M. Honda, Ellen L.W. Kittler, Maria L. Zapp, Carla Klattenhoff, Nadine Schulz, William E. Theurkauf, Zhiping Weng and Phillip D. Zamore

Cell 137 (3): 509-521, April 2009.


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