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In Progress: Keystone Nice

Posted in Blog Affairs, Conferences by YPAA on June 14, 2009

It has been very slow going, but I have been updating the Keystone Nice post. As of tonight, I’ve gotten through the Monday morning session (for the speakers that had my attention), so there are notes from talks by:

Andrew Fire
David Bartel
V. Narry Kim
Gunter Meister
Qinghua Liu
Bruce Paterson
Erik Sontheimer
Dinshaw Patel
Jin-Biao Ma
Scott Kennedy
Craig Mello
David C. Baulcombe
Peter Sarnow
Yukihide Tomari
Eric C. Lai

More talk notes to come later. I do realize there is some futility to this, since by the time I get all the information up, it will almost all be published! However, the post has been getting the most views on the blog, so I intend to finish what I started.


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