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Rock the Vote, Please

Posted in Blog Affairs by YPAA on August 13, 2010

Update 8/13/10:

This poll has been up for a month now, and to those who voted, thanks! The energy you spent firing your neurons and clicking your mouse was no vain excercise–I’m paying attention to your choices.

To those who haven’t voted yet, no time like the present!

I’ve been occasionally brainstorming what format of interviews would serve the blog best. My standard recipe for each blog post is (at least) 1/2 useful, and the rest humor, simmer for some time, and wah-lah. I anticipate not straying far from this for short interviews. But the thing is, the people I have in mind, you probably haven’t heard of them before, so will you care to read what they have to say? Just trust me on this one. If it ain’t good I ain’t posting it.

The offbeat stuff/humor will continue. Glad you’re enjoying it. Was the last post working for you? I was watching Chappelle’s Show the night before I wrote it (and feeling a bit open access-y), and it popped out.

And brief commentary on papers. My first attempt at this was fun, and not nearly as time consuming as doing one of the full-length write-ups. As you’ve surely noticed, only some of the RNA Journal Club papers get full write-ups. This is because not all presenters are interested in contributing (despite my pleas). This is totally understandable, because all these people are incredibly busy! They’ve already taken the time out of their schedules to present a paper to colleagues, and then to have to write up something about it, it can just be too much. (The corollary to this is that all the people that DO write-ups posted on the blog, noted by their names or occasionally “Anonymous”, are tremendous mega-pimps.) So in the absence of a full write-up, whenever I can easily distill good commentary heard during a presentation, perhaps mixed together with my thoughts, I’ll try to post that. Summaries-schmummaries.

More movement on the above would be happening lately, but gee-whiz, Boston can be mighty nice this time of year, and I’ve been trying to soak more of it in. That’s an excuse. Fall is when shit gets all academic though, and I’ll be out of excuses by then.

Input up to three choices, including entering your own.


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