You'd Prefer An Argonaute


Posted in Media by YPAA on August 19, 2010

The creationist vs. evolution debate is totally played out on the internet. It weighs down science blogs, where facetious attempts to neutralize it usually fail, in my opinion. It’s so draining.

Dear science bloggers: Don’t bother! You’re using up valuable space on the internet! Can this debate actually be made entertaining?? Humor me and for a minute, put down your keyboards and turn on the TV…… Oh wait, the debate is non-existent on TV. Ditto for the movies. (Gee, can you imagine a Hollywood drama–I’m talkin’ really dramatic–about creationists vs. scientists?! It could work! Mmm… Angelina Jolie, a small-town creationist school science teacher; Christopher Walken, lead attorney fighting the misguided school board.)

Ok, well last week finally the nerdy cartoon Futurama–that Matt Groening creation that has itself evolved in several network ecosystems–came to the rescue. The writer’s turned out a gem here, giving the creationist vs. evolution debate a proper funny treatment for the ever-so discerning American TV audience (well, for those with the sense to watch Comedy Central). The episode brims with haha moments, like the signs the protesters hold up such as, “Nothing Ever Changes!”. Long live science x good comedy. 🙂

A preview below; link above to full episode!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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